• Solix Algredients – History


    An Algae Company From The Start

    For nearly 10 years, a focus on understanding algae, and applying that expertise commercially, has been the focal point for Solix.

    Founded in 2006, and most recently operating as Solix BioSystems, the company’s origins were in algae-based biofuels. The company developed and successfully deployed a robust algal growth system (AGS®) based on its patented, extended-surface area closed photobioreactor panels. AGS® is a proven system for the production of algal biomass, and is applicable to a broad range of microalgal species.  Solix operated a demonstration facility in southwestern Colorado for multiple years, confirming the technology’s reliability, industry leading volumetric productivity and scalability.

    Strategic Direction

    In 2015, Solix strategically repositioned as a B2B supplier of high-quality, natural ingredients derived from algae for the nutrition and personal care markets. Operating as Solix Algredients, the company is helping manufacturers and brands bring the benefits of algae-based natural ingredients to health-conscious consumers.